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Congratulations to this year's winner, Obedient! Coming in with an overall time of 35:28:40. Class winners were:

Class 1 - Obedient

Class 2 - Clockwork

Class 3 - Rebel

All Rounders - Sea Fever

Interservice - Disk Drive

Youth - Clyde Challenger

Full results will are up on our past races page. Well done to all who participated, and congratulations to all who have finished!

Please note: not all boats used trackers this year, so not all teams are represented on the above map!

This year over half the fleet will carried GPS trackers; these tok a position every 10 minutes, and uploaded to the YellowBrick Tracking website every half hour of the race. The progress of the race can be viewed at this link: http://yb.tl/sipr2015.

We've just added a detailed, photo illustrated kit list to help answer any questions you may have before the race.

New rules for this year's race are up; please have a read through, even if you've competed before!

A long weekend with a difference!

This adventure race is for teams of Sailors and Fell Runners (both adult and teenage) and is held annually on and around the most beautiful parts of the West Coast of Bonny Scotland.

The Race starts in Oban with a short hill run, then a sail to Salen on Mull, run over Ben More, sail to Craighouse on Jura, run the Paps, sail to Arran, run Goat Fell, then sail to Troon. The Race takes 3 to 4 Days and caters for Multihulls, Racers and Cruisers.

Each team consists of 5 (usually 2 runners and 3 sailors), there is also an allrounders class for sailors that can run and a class for young people (with the assistance of a few adults).


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