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Boat Skipper Team name Crew Runners Class
Laura Dick Stain Laura's Lads Mike Curtis Graham Hill, Peter Speake, Carl Davies 2/3
Contender Geoff Crowley Knox Anchors "A" team Rob Jefferies, Cameron Whyte Alistair Drury, Peter Kittoe 2/3
Déjà Vue Patrick Erdal Glenalmond Mixed Gemma Granger Gary Deakin, Youth
Fearless Friend Trevor Harrison Clyholers Julie Harrison, Fraser McMillan Carrie Craig, Frances Butler 2/3
eXehibitionist Rick Newcombe The eXehibitionists Ruth Carter, Tony Wood Jonathan Croome, Jim Jackson, Tony Wood 2/3
Ledauphin Roderick Aitken Wild Goats Andrew McArthur, Adam Harper, Ally Gray, James Young   All Rdr
Orlando Jim Shields Gordon Stephens, Gary Walker   2/3
Vaila David Spencer Bowland Buoys Richard Whitaker, John Bennett Mark Grover, Stephen Bennett 2/3
Dreamcatcher James Mansell Seacamels Eric Zon, Simon Balmer, Derek Rankin, Andy Barwise   2/3
Obedient Iain Baird Gordon Baird, Alan Rankin   1
Clockwork Peter Foulds Old Timers     All Rdr
Ratan Bob Barton Goats of Barton Alex Barton, Dave Baird, Tom Rowntree, Ian Heywood   2/3
Kariba Stewart Gibb Northern Lights Nicole McPherson, Mark Greenhalgh   2/3
North Star Cris Miles Va Va BOOM Ken Roberts, Dave Hughes   2/3
Superstition Kenny Byars Superstars Katrina Byars, Stephen Byars   2/3
Bluebird Iain Loudon Fettes Chocolate Richard Mill, Ed Watson   Youth
Redcoat Andy Hadfield North East Monkeys Nick Holmes   Svc


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