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If you'd like to post for a boat / runner / team, simply email the details to us.

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Rudderless runner seeks crewless captain: I’ve done loads of fell running but I’m not particularly rapid and I’ve done quite a bit of sailing but I’m not particularly great.  I am however super keen, very sociable and I’ve only ever sunk 2 of my own boats :) Richard Trubshaw Trub007@hotmail.com 07720088214

Two female hill runners (Outi Kamarainen and Leyre Flores) looking for a boat (and sailors) for this year SIPR. We are experienced hill runners and good navigators and have completed on many mountain marathons and long fell races including Jura - full running resume available on request. We would love to add this classic race to our belts and will provide good company and international flavor to the team. Cannot say we are able bodied seawomen but may able to help with boat if instruction is provided. Please contact o_kamarainen@yahoo.com or leyreflo@gmail.com for more details.

I am a runner looking for a boat to join for the 2017 SIPR. I completed the 2016 race on an allrounders boat and did all the running legs as well as helping out with some of the sailing. I am happy to either join an allrounders boat again or to compete just as a runner. I would classify myself as an intermediate runner – half marathon times are 1:35 on a flat course and 1:45 on a trail course. I am running the London marathon this year and aiming for a time of circa 3:30. If you would like to get in contact to discuss further then please e-mail me on sblanchflower@gmail.com

Boat seeking crew

North Star - First 40.7 fully race spec'd has two crew places available for the 2017 race. Skipper has sailed the SIPR 5 times. The boat will be ready and waiting in Oban, pay off in Troon. Some big boat experience required. Contribution £ 650 pp. Cris Miles - 07976 625352 email info@boomsailing.co.uk

Youth team seeking boat

We have a youth team with strong runners and an experienced teacher looking for a boat and skipper for the 2017 SIPR. The school would be up for paying entry fees, supplying food and other costs associated with the race. Please email the race organisers directly with your interest and information, which we will pass on to the school.


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