Org team

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race is entirely volunteer run, and not-for-profit.

Our current organising team consists of:

Alison Macdonald has been part of the SIPR organising team for almost as long as it’s been going. She deals with a lot of exciting things, like runners entries, marshalling the marshals, the bank account, dinner tickets, and a whole myriad of other things we can’t begin to understand, but we’re most grateful that she sorts the very daunting issues of race insurance and the tome known as our event plan. You’ll find her running the skippers registration table in Oban, taking your times on Mull, and marshalling on Arran.

Sarah Macdonald has been part of the SIPR team since she was 3 years old and sleeping under the kit check table; now she can be found at the kit check table making sure all your gear is in order. During the race Sarah is the Oban team leader, and you’ll also find her on Mull and at Troon taking your times, and answering questions and posting on social media. Throughout the rest of the year Sarah deals with the skippers entries and the awards dinner and ceilidh, which she has also been expertly emceeing of late.

Toben Lewis got roped onto the SIPR team nearly a decade ago when it became apparent he could stumble his way through building a website. He’s now responsible for the maintenance of our site, deals with both the social media and the skippers entries, designs the yearly merchandise, and organises the awards dinner and ceilidh. He’s the Troon team leader, and you’ll also see him on Mull and at Oban reg (usually cursing at trackers or timing spreadsheets).

Running and Sailing subcommittees

The subcommittees are made up of current and past competitors, with varying levels of experience and class participation. We are very grateful for their input into the race rules, equipment, and operation, and experience.

Sailing subcommittee

Roderick Aitken
Kenny Byars
Colin Craig
Andy Hadfield
Trevor Harrison
Iain Loudon
Alastair Pugh (chair)
Alan Rankin

Running subcommittee

Gus Bowman
Sasha Cheplin
John Coyle
Sam Griffiths
Claire Gordon
James Nicholson (chair)
Jill Stephen

SIPR 2024 race weekend team leaders

Oban – Sarah Macdonald
Mull – Declan Valters
Jura – John Quinn
Arran –Eoin Lennon
Troon – Toben Lewis


…until the next Scottish Islands Peaks Race!