Race reports

Here are some stories, videos, blogs and articles from previous years. The links in bold are the entries that won the Fascinator Trophy (for best photographic, video or written log) that year.

2024 video log from Robin Wilkins on Tangaroa

2023 video log from Giles Trussell on Superstition

2023 written log from Joe Stringer on Elixir of Lorn (DOC)

2023 video log from Joe Stringer on Elixir of Lorn

2023 log from Robin Wilkins on Tangaroa

2023 video from Ruby Tuesday

2023 video from Marc Turner on Tangaroa

2022 video log from Giles Trussell on Superstition

2022 log from Pawel Cymbalista on Bequia

2022 video from Kev Stephen on CAN DO

2022 log from Jock Hamilton on Yemaya

2022 log from Vaclac Paris on Synergie

2019 video from the team on Sundance of Lorne

2019 video from Oscar Chess on Aurora

2019 log from James Callender on Sorr of Appin

2019 video from Gordon Baird on Tri Mhor

2019 video from Mark Yates on Sir Arthur

2019 video from Shrewsbury School

2019 article from Sam Griffiths at Shrewsbury School

2019 log from the team on Sarah (PDF)

2019 log from Grant Baxter on Requiem (PDF)

2019 log from Keith Yarham on Capricorn (PDF)

2018 video from Andrew Reeve on Jjig

2018 account from Keith Yarham on Capricorn (PDF)

2018 account from Nick Williamson on Sundance of Lorn

2018 account from Fettes on La Girafe III

2017 log from Trevor Harrison on Fearless Friend (PDF)

2017 video from Crawford Whyte on Synergie

2017 video from Obedient

2017 video from Kariba

2017 video from Laura

2017 video from Sundance of Lorn

2017 log from Sundance of Lorn (PDF)

2016 from Reever (PDF)

2016 video from Superstition

2016 log from Fearless Friend (PDF)

2016 blog from Brimble

2016 log from an avid fan

2016 log from Tussler

2016 log from Guillemot

2016 video from Fettes

2016 blog Taryn McCoy and Brian Linton

2016 blog from Joe Symonds on Obedient

2015 film from Obedient

2015 write up from Capricorn (PDF)

2015 write up from Fettes College website

2015 write up from Laura (Word doc)

2015 write up from Green Ginger (PDF)

2015 write up from The Shepherds of The Etive

2015 write up from Luke Latimer on Sonata

2014 write up from Rebel (PDF)

2014 write up from Morag Mhor (PDF)

2014 write up from Caol Ila

2014 write up from the Old Dogs

2013 video from Obedient

The Voyage of Hecla – SIPR 2013

2012 video from Tetra (and a ‘remixed’ video too)

SIPR named Best Event of 2012 by For Argyll

Interview with 2012 King of the Bens

2012 article on forargyll.com

2012 from Fettes College

2012 race from Stargate

2012 from the Impala 28 Class Association

2011 start in the Oban Times

2011 race report from Curly Mills (PDF)

2010 thoughts from Mark Hartnell

2009 from Scrabble (PDF)

2008 from Scrabble (PDF)

2007 log from Damon Rodwell

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Photos from previous races

There’s a number of photos and videos on our Facebook page, please feel free to add your own as well!

2019 photos from Trevor James

2017 photo collection from Jonathon Marks on Damsis

2017 photo collection from Rick James

2017 photo collection from James Thorp on Triptych

Photos from 2014 race, by Simon Foster

2012 photos from Team Spie

2011 photos from Curly Mills

SIPR images on Google

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…until the next Scottish Islands Peaks Race!