2018 matches

If you’d like to post looking for a boat / runner / team, simply email the details to us.

Boat seeking crew and runners

Contender, a Rival 32, seeking 2 sailing crew and 2 runners for 2018. Previous entrant. Not a fast boat, but seaworthy. Skipper is RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, sailing since 1962! a Kiwi with sense of humour. Boat has specially made oars! Prefer runners know each other, but not essential. Can meet up if you like to discuss, (live West Lothian, work Nth Lanarkshire and Moray), or by phone 07770726759 or email:

Crew seeking boat

I am looking to join/supplement a crew for the race in 2018. I have RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and all the usual related bits of paper. I competed in the 2014 SIPR as skipper and also raced in the 2015 Fastnet as a watch leader. Very happy to help in fair weather or foul. I am based near Edinburgh and have all my own gear.

Phil Lovegrove
07808 110046

Runner seeking boat

I ran the 2017 SIPR on Laura as a late replacement for an injured runner.  We were solid mid-pack runners with times 5h05, 5h02, 4h12 for Mull, Jura, Arran.  My 2017 marathon best is 2h37.  I’m not a sailor but happy to help out as part of team.  My injured team mate is coming back for 2018.  But after competing last year I’m hooked – so I’m hoping to get a place on another boat for SIPR 2018.

My video from 2017

Rob Downs
07966 290597

Runner/crew seeking All Rounder team

I am interested in participating in 2018. I am an experienced sailor and fell/ ultra marathon runner.
I have run the West Highland Way race, and UTMB (x 3).

I skipper my family’s yacht, a 1973 Nicholson 32, which we sail on the Clyde/ west coast. For various, mostly practical, reasons I think I would prefer to crew/ run for another boat this year, if possible, although have not ruled out entering my own boat. I would be keen to hear if anybody is looking for a crew/ runner (particularly an ‘all rounder’!)

Ben Kemp
07880 704323

Runner/crew seeking team

I’m a reasonable runner, marathon time 3h20 and have quite a lot of experience fell running. I did the day skipper practical course sailing out of Oban around the islands and know my way around a boat although this has mainly been cruising around rather than racing, also as I live in Leicester so don’t get out quite as much as I would like. I’d be happy taking part either as crew or running
Laura Davison
07727 060155

Runner seeking boat

I am very interested to join the 2018 SIPR. I would regard myself as a decent runner. In the last year I have completed 3 marathons (including 2 mountain events Snowdon and Exmoor) and 3 ultras (all with significant climbing in them). Placing at least in top 10% of all races.

I also have some experience on the boat, recently being part of a crew on my cousin’s yacht on a holiday off west of France and when I was younger completing some different sailing courses.

On a personal note, I am 28 and from Northern Ireland but currently living in England. Played rugby for most of my life but no longer, so fill my time with a lot running & cycling. Would regard myself as very social and always willing to help out.

Nicholas Dempsey
07979 080951

Runner seeking boat

I am interested in running in this race for the first time, and am a reasonably experienced hill runner: I have a 3:48 Jura PB, a 1:51 Ben race PB and have run a couple of mountain marathon A courses. I also ran the 2017 Tromsø Skyrace 50km. Perhaps crucially, I will eat anything and sleep on anything…

Stuart Crutchfield