2022 matches

If you’d like to post looking for a boat / runner / team, simply email the details to us.

Boats looking for runners

Maggie May Is looking for a pair of runners to take on the challenge. Maggie May is only 27ft long but a competitive boat in class for the sailing legs. I have never done this race before but me and the sailing crew are experienced sailors and racers so will get you to the start of the runs while you are sleeping. Looking for members that are easy going and maintain smiles and sense of humour even when knackered. Contact Jamie at

Runners looking for boats

Lorn Smith says”Hello! Having participated in 2019, we’re keen to secure a boat/crew early on for 2022 so we can spend some time on the water, together if at all possible, beforehand.
Based in the Central Belt of Scotland and willing to travel, we can provide the run team for the Senior race, but would also consider the All-Rounders (though have less sailing experience).  We are of course fully prepared to muck in on the boat with the crew and assist in any way we can.
In running terms we have, between us, completed numerous 5K to marathon distance events and several Ultra/Endurance races including West Highland Way; Spine Race; Devil o’the Highlands; Highland Fling, Glenmore 24; GO33; Tweed Valley; Falkirk 8-hr Ultra and others.  We have both completed Triathlons, from Sprint to Ironman distance, including Celtman and numerous other hill /trail events.  We spend most of our time in the mountains and have covered over 1000 Munros between us (as well as many more Corbetts and Grahams).
We’re already training hard for other events in 2021-22 (GO33; Spine Race; Celtman; Norseman; etc.) and will continue to race through the Winter in preparation.
Thank you for reading
Lorn (& Raymond)

Sam Birch-Machin & Ben Ward both doctors from Glasgow are looking for a boat. Previous running experience: Both similar pace, racing experience includes multiple AL length fell races including Trigger Fell Race, Glenshee 9, ‘Exterminator’ Fell Race and other more tame races such as the London Marathon and Glencoe Half Marathon. Other experience includes the Bob Graham Round (along with multiple supporting days of other rounds) and many big days out exploring in the mountains together. Contact details: 07425159810 or

Chris Jones and Jack Blundy are a running pair looking for a crewed boat. Chris is a really seasoned runner and has completed the SIPR twice, Jura fell race 4 times, and the 3 peaks yacht race once. He competes regularly in mountain marathons and has done for many years with a great deal of success, and completed many of the UK’s toughest fell races. He is also an avid cyclist, mountaineer and all round outdoorsman. Never one to take the easy road, he felt like he really needed to challenge himself so he decided to invite Jack along to the party….
Jack on the other hand is the (not so) young buck new to running who brings with him bundles of enthusiasm (think golden retriever!) and lots of mountain experience (from a climbing/mountaineering perspective for both work and play). He completed Wasdale as his first ever fell race last year and has done several other AL races as training runs. He now lives and trains in the Highlands so is growing to love the rough terrain and wild weather!
We are on the lookout for any crews of sailors with a boat who need some runners to team up with (/lead astray)! We’re very keen to muck in onboard the boat and do anything necessary to get us over the finish line. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 07940240264.”

Sailor & runner looking for boat

I’m Sinead and am excited to take on the running side of the challenge. I’m part of Larne AC and Nimra running clubs. Recently over the winter months I’ve done local races such as the Glenariff mountain race, Castlewellan and some cross country along with the born to run forest trail series they’ve all been shorter distances but good variety of trails, mountains mud and hills to keep the legs strong during the winter but I’m now back to increasing the mileage and getting back in the mountains. I’ve Taken part in the Garmin Mourne skyline MTR part of the Skyrunner UK and Ireland series. The race consisted of 35km taking in 11,057ft elevation over 9 mountains, on the day were extreme weather conditions brutal winds, hail stones and bitter wind chills naturally until the last ten minutes to the finish line when the sun shone! I finished in a time of 7hours 15minutes. So I’m not afraid of a long time on my legs and hard graft in bad weather.

Myself and my partner Ben like to hike mountains and also get on the water in our free time and have summited mount Toubkal highest peak in North Africa. Ben is the sailor amongst us and has been introducing me into the sailing world over the last three years. After taking me out (when he’s not racing) on the dingys such as the RSvision. I completed an introduction to sailing course through the local club CAYC (County Antrim Yacht club) and also the women on water sailing course. We started crewing with Larne yacht club on a friends boat as ben was keen for me as was I to experience the bigger boats which was great fun.

It was Ben my partner who saw this race and we were both excited to find something we could race together instead of competing on separate days or supporting from afar. We are both very friendly in our nature and easy to get along with anyone however are very competitive too so keen to give the race our very best even though it will be our first time.

Ben has been sailing and racing boats all of his life competing around the world and then also coaching as an adult he is part of the county Antrim yacht club and also has his day skipper and off shore sailing experience. Email Sinead

My name’s Steph and I’m a runner looking to join a team. 

I live in Edinburgh and I’m a member of Carnethy Hill Running Club. I’ve done about half the Munros, I can run hills several days in a row on little sleep, I’ve rarely been seasick, and I love being out and about in our beautiful hills and islands. I have excellent map+compass skills. I’ve sailed racing yachts a few times as part of a team under a skipper so I’d be keen to chip in where needed.

I’m a resilient, level headed, good natured all round team player and I’d class my level as solid mid-level finisher rather than elite athlete. I see this race as more about the taking part than winning, so I’d suit a team that has the same vibe. 

Contact me:, 07903215444

John Yells and James Espie are a very well matched, experienced pair of Scottish hill runners. Both rookies to SIPR we have a wealth of recent experience at Scottish and British hill races, including Glenshee 9, Trotternish Ridge, Scafell Sky race and Jura. We can both navigate and between us have run the Arran and Jura routes before. We are both in regular training preparing for a summer of racing. John has done a bit of sailing, (about 15 minutes), and James once used a rowing boat on a pond. Have your runners had a change of plan? Perhaps they are injured or just don’t exist. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them. Then maybe you can use The J-Team. 

Contact James on: 07867693240

Teams looking to charter a boat

Grant Gillon and his team are looking to charter a boat for 2022. Ideally 45/6 ft, 3 or 4 cabins for 10 days or just for the duration of the Race. Email Grant at 


…until the next Scottish Islands Peaks Race!