2019 matches

If you’d like to post looking for a boat / runner / team, simply email the details to us.

Boat seeking runners

2 quick runners for the seniors race who know the course, can row and either don’t throw up or cope. Boat is a 40 foot cat so not too much falling over, showers, double bed etc plus we can be quick (sometimes). I have done KIMM and 3 Peaks Yacht race as runner so understand the pain! The sailing team have done Fastnet, Round Ireland, Armen together and local 3 Creeks Race so are aware of transitions but not raced much in Scotland. Please contact for more information.

Runners sought to join “The Old Goats of Capricorn” for our next attempt at SIPR. Capricorn is a 42’ yacht with a reasonable level of comfort and a jolly sailing crew. We have broken a number of runners in previous years, either through injury, intimate chafing or sea sickness. Looking for a couple of runners who can cope with spending the sailing legs, cold, wet and miserable whilst slipping around in their own vomit.
If you are looking for a first place overall, we are not the boat for you, but if your goal is to finish and not be last – welcome aboard

Runners seeking teams

I am a decent runner and usually come top 5% of the field in most fell runs.  I am also a good mountain navigator and I can even sail!  I am pretty competitive but I also just love being out on the water and on the hill.  Please get in touch if you are looking for a runner for a competitive team.  Ross Jenkin 07976837276.

Looking for an All Rounders team. Based in Snowdonia, I love a good ole mountain run. I have my Coastal Skipper, VHF, REC, First Aid and STCW95 and I work as mate for a sail training charity. Very experienced in morale upkeep and vomit comet limitation. Wanted to do this race for years! Tel: 07491 654898 Email:

Having narrowly missed out on an opportunity in last year’s race, we are back for another crack at it in 2019 and keen to secure a boat/crew early on so we can spend some time on the water together beforehand, if at all possible.
Based in the Central Belt and willing to travel, we’d prefer to provide the run team for the Senior race, but would also consider the All-Rounders.  We are of course fully prepared to muck in on the boat with the crew and assist in any way we can.
In running terms we have, between us, completed several endurance races including the West Highland Way, Highland Fling, GO33, Falkirk 8-hr & Glenmore 12-hr Ultras, and others.  We have both completed Triathlons from Sprint to Ironman distance, including Celtman and numerous other hill /trail events.  We spend most of our time in the mountains and have covered over 750 Munros between us, as well as many more Corbetts and Grahams.
We’re already training hard for other events in 2019 (Highland Fling; Celtman; Devil O’ The Highlands; etc.) and continuing to hill race through the Winter in preparation.
Thank you for reading.
Lorn (& Raymond)

Ben Abdelnoor and myself are experienced runners, with lots of experience in the Scottish hills, looking for a competitive boat for the 2019 race. I have done it twice previously, the last time was on ‘Playing FTSE’ the year it was cancelled due to bad weather. We are both members of Ambleside AC.  Dan Duxbury.

Competitive mountain runner looking for a place in the seniors race. Years of running experience including most recently 4th place in the summer version of the Spine Race (up the Pennine Way) and also recent county and regional titles at cross country and track. Have sailing experience and can make myself useful under guidance. Also have rowing experience. Lots of multi day race experience and can keep smiling when knackered! Pete Woodward, 07393147322

2 runners looking for place in an all-rounder crew. No formal sailing experience but we have many years of collective experience of hill racing in Scotland. Edinburgh-based runners for Carnethy. Many long races completed in Scotland and elsewhere, mid-pack runners. Can cook, make tea, run. Mike Lynch & Mark Hartree, 07720972911.

I took part in this years Three Peaks Yacht race, live in Scotland and regularly run up and around the hills and mountains.  Scott Seefeldt, (+44) 07703 678775